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LotRO devs answer 'super-sized' Q&A about Helm's Deep


Turbine's developers couldn't pick just 20 questions about the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep to answer, so they decided to "super-size" the Q&A up to a nice round 40. The questions are grouped into sections including epic battles, class changes, mounted combat, legendary items, pricing, and more.

Since we haven't heard much yet about how the epic battles reward players, the answer here is illuminating. As players complete objectives, they'll be awarded points for how difficult those objectives were (from bronze to platinum). After reward bars fill up, players can choose a piece of gear or to convert some of the points into the next tier (although gold cannot convert to platinum). The epic battle instances include Helm's Dike, The Deeping Wall, The Deeping-Coomb, The Glittering Caves, and the Hornburg.

The promised housing revamp was also mentioned: "We have some of the early bits in (changes to house inventory). We are prototyping more features and will continue to develop and add to live. Housing work is going to come in phases."

Of course, there's a lot more that's included in the Q&A, so check it out!

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