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Uldum guilds unite for breast cancer awareness month


October is breast cancer awareness month in the United States. Here at WoW Insider we have featured a number of in-game events in the past that have been organized around raising awareness for breast cancer. This year, we have been informed that the guild Endless Insanity on Uldum is running their own event in support of breast cancer awareness. Members of Endless Insanity have turned their tabards pink for this month and they have issued a challenge to other Horde guilds on the server to also turn their tabards pink in solidarity. Guild officers will be randomly opening trade and offering a variety of goodies to those they find sporting the pink tabards.

To those who have been affected by breast cancer -- whether you are a survivor, facing treatment right now, a loved one of someone who is, or have lost someone close to you to breast cancer -- we at WoW Insider salute you and wish you strength in your struggles. And to the guild Endless Insanity and any others that may follow their example this year, we thank you and hope that you inspire many to join in the efforts for the cure.

Thanks to the members of Endless Insanity who informed us of their events -- and here's to hoping it inspires some other guilds to do the same!

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