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BioShock 2 re-released on Steam with Minerva's Den


2K Games has relaunched its undersea first-person shooter BioShock 2 on Steam, bundling it with add-on content and stripping away its once-restrictive Games for Windows Live integration.

The Steam version of BioShock 2 includes the base game and all previously-released multiplayer downloadable content, along with the "Protector's Trials" single-player DLC. The story-driven add-on "Minerva's Den" is available separately for $4.99.

Previously, BioShock 2 was only available as a Games for Windows Live release, leaving players without access to its DLC following the recent closure of the GFWL marketplace. Players who purchased BioShock 2 on disc or via Games for Windows Live can get a Steam copy bundled with all available DLC by following these instructions.

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