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Dust 514 'Uprising' update brings streamlined tutorials, new corp roles

Xav de Matos, @Xav

An update coming to CCP's PS3-exclusive, free-to-play shooter Dust 514 is expected to completely revamp the game's tutorials, offering players a more focused breakdown on how to be successful in the game. As stated in our original preview of Dust 514 when it went into beta in 2012, the shooter's systems can be daunting. The new objective-based tutorial system aims to streamline the game's mechanics for new players.

"Our target audience is, for the most part, gamers who are familiar with other console first-person shooters and want to try something a little more interesting. This led us to focus primarily on teaching the differences between Dust and other FPS games, rather than trying to teach people, for example, what a gun is and how to move around," CCP Senior Game Designer Matthew Woodward explained in a post on the European PlayStation Blog. The tutorials will focus on how to join battles, proper outfitting of gear (dropsuits) and training skills.

The new tutorial system will arrive in an update dubbed Uprising, scheduled for release in "early October." The update also includes the ability to find and join squads and the new corporation roles that allow for better delegation from corp (somewhat like clans) bosses.

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