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Get a whiff of these new Pokemon

Jordan Mallory

Two new pocket monsters have been revealed ahead of next week's Pokemon X/Y release, both of which are super pink and super smelly.

Slurpuff (left) is a fairy-type "meringue Pokemon" with an olfactory sense one hundred million times more powerful than that of a human being. Slurpuff is the evolved form of Pokemon X-exclusive Swirlix, a fairy-type "cotton candy Pokemon" whose special ability "Sweet Veil" prevents teammates from falling asleep.

Aromatisse (right) is a fairy-type "fragrance Pokemon," the evolved form of Pokemon Y-exclusive Spritzee. Aromatisse emits a wide variety of different smells, which range from pleasing scents (we're thinking Calvin Klein) to odors "so repugnant to its opponent that it can turn a battle in its favor," according to its bio on the official website.

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