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Rocksmith 2014 adds colorblind mode to its set list


Rocksmith 2014 expands on the tutorial set established in the inaugural release, but more pertinent to the visually-impaired rockers out there is an optional mode for the colorblind. Producer Taylor Benson, who is colorblind, says players will find adjusted hues and color saturation levels that will span the entire game, from the advanced lessons to the new Guitarcade mini-games, in colorblind mode.

The first Rocksmith actually caught some flak for not being so kind to colorblind students. But Benson concludes that those who have the two most common forms of colorblindness – the third is far too uncommon and problematic to account for – should hopefully have no problem laying down some sweet licks in Rocksmith 2014. And with yesterday's news about the Battlefield 4 beta having colorblind options, isn't it nice to see more developers recognizing this fairly common affliction?

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