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Security team describes iPhone Airplane Mode issue


The addition of an easily accessible control panel for turning on features like WiFi, brightness and Airplane Mode from the iPhone's lock screen was a welcome addition to iOS 7. But, as a group of German security researchers has discovered, it may provide a backdoor for thieves to break into your phone.

You can see a demonstration of the workaround, which uses the Control Center shortcut for Airplane Mode, in the video below from the security SR Labs.

The workaround, if executed quickly and correctly, gives the thief time to spoof your fingerprint to bypass the iPhone 5s TouchID reader. While spoofing a fingerprint might not be as easy as it sounds, it's still a risk that 5s users should be aware of. The process still requires a high degree of skill that your common iPhone thief doesn't have.

Still, it's only a few weeks into the phone's release. As time goes on, these methods will become more refined and easier to pull off. Thankfully there's a whole world of security professionals out there keeping a watchful eye on every possible workaround. Be aware, be secure and, for the love of God, try not to lose your phone.

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