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Siri's voice, Susan Bennett


Atlanta's Susan Bennett has announced that hers is the original voice of Siri (though Apple won't confirm it). She has been doing voice work since the '70s and can be heard on GPS devices, automated phone systems and even the Delta airport terminals. But it was her gig as Siri's female voice that's added a bit of notoriety.

Bennett notes that she first heard her voice coming from an Apple iPhone when a friend contacted her and asked, "Isn't this you?" She didn't have a Siri-capable iPhone at the time, so she visited to get her first listen.

She also notes that she and the recording team spent four hours a day recording Siri's voice, every day for a month straight. Back then, she didn't know where those particular recordings would end up.

Today, Susan says, "[Siri] and I are friends."

Also: Happy birthday Siri!

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