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Overheard@IndieCade: What's IndieCade?


The Los Angeles International Airport is crowded with League of Legends swag, the "2013 World Championship" logo plastered across backpacks and t-shirts, character pins on shoulder straps, Riot Games peeking out from under ponytails. The League of Legends world finals concluded at the Los Angeles Staples Center on Friday night, sold out to 11,000 fans – and on Saturday morning, a lot of them are heading home.

They could stay and revel in even more video game joy at IndieCade, the indie game festival in Culver City, just 15 minutes away from the Staples Center. It's a casual, outdoor show featuring tons of new, innovative games on a variety of platforms: PCs, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Oculus Rift, tablets, phones and more. One game takes place with Oculus Rift and a light gun, inside of a human-size hamster ball. It's hard to miss.

But at LAX, the League of Legends fans have missed it. I ask two if they'd ever even heard of IndieCade.

"No," one fan holding a poster of the League of Legends champion Katarina tells me. "I'm not from around here, so I've never heard of it."

His friend, wearing a bright red World Championship shirt, a branded backpack and a Rammus hat, shakes his head. "Nope."

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