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Goldeneye director will Aim For Love with experimental matchmaking system at GameCity

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Goldeneye 007 for N64 has quite a legacy regarding its multiplayer, but game director Martin Hollis has a different kind of multiplayer game he wants to try: in Aim For Love, players will take on the role of matchmaker (see what we did with the title now?) and try to set up real-life couples. The game will be part of the GameCity festival in Nottingham, England, which runs October 19-26. Two giant screens erected in a public plaza will provide the play area.

Aim For Love will task players with picking out individuals from the plaza crowd and pairing them with a match that's good for them. Individuals being picked will see themselves being selected via the screens at the plaza. Matches can be platonic or romantic in nature, and the newly-formed pair work together to pick the next couple.

"A massive challenge in the design of this thing is forecasting people's behavior," Hollis told Gamasutra. "You'll see, if you take the role of being a matchmaker seriously, how the two people react to each other, and how the crowd reacts ... the whole game is an experiment."

Hopefully bad matches won't go all "slappers only" on each other.

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