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PlayStation 4 mobile app headed to Vita in next update, dubbed 'PS4 Link'


When is Sony's PlayStation 4 mobile app coming to Android and iOS? That's still unknown, but apparently it'll arrive on Sony's own PlayStation Vita handheld in the "next update." That's according to SCE Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida answering questions on Twitter (as per usual). He also refers to the app as "PS4 Link" -- in previous sightings, the software was referred to as the "PlayStation App."

As for when the next update arrives on Vita that's another unknown, though we'd expect as much before the PS4's November 15th retail launch. Sony says the app will enable browsing your friends list and messaging players, watching and sharing streamed gameplay clips, and more -- it also stands to reason that Vita's version of the app will enable Remote Play functionality, though we'll have to put it to the test later this year when Sony's new game console arrives at Engadget HQ.

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