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Pre-orders now available for EverQuest II's Tears of Veeshan expansion

MJ Guthrie

EverQuest II's next expansion is right around the corner, and SOE has now opened pre-orders for Tears of Veeshan. Pricing for the pre-orders is $39.99 for the standard edition and $59.99 for the collector's edition.

As we all know, pre-orders are all about the goodies. So what do players get for reserving their digital copy of the expansion? Those who go for the standard edition will receive a pre-order exclusive Veeshan Loyalty Cloak as well as an Aerayky Monk mercenary named Slymar. Those who opt for the collector's edition get a new Ethenere prestige home and a Shissar plushie to put in it, an Etherwing mount, a painting, and a two-hour XP potion on top of the previously mentioned items.

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