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The Queue: LF-arrgh


I spent a lot of the last week with this view. Even post-nerfs, the Dark Shaman's crazy spells are creating piles of corpses everywhere in LFR. But that's good. It means we're learning. My opinion of LFR is that it should be a little tricky, it should be somewhere players have responsibility and have to play the game with a degree of competence to succeed. If that means some wipes, then so be it. I am happy to work for my loot.

By the way, BlizzCon is in a month and a day, people. Are you excited? I certainly am. Yesterday's Queue talked about how there have been basically no leaks, and how that's unusual. I think it's a really good thing, it keeps the suspense high, and makes the con itself even more exciting! Man, I hope there's All-Stars. There'd better be. Anyhow, I don't do this often but I think I'm meant to be answering questions.

Bubble_Hearth asked:

What do you think should be on the in-game store?

Good question! In all fairness, though the icon is there, the in-game store hasn't even appeared yet in the west, so assuming it will even happen might be premature. However, I would really like to see it come in, and feature all the things on the store. I think it'd be great to have pets and mounts purchaseable in-game, it'd just make it easier for players who don't know what the store is, or where to find it.

But I think Bubble_hearth was actually talking about new items, so I think something many players would love is invisible shoulder armor. If Blizzard put the option to hide shoulder armor on the store, or an item that meant your shoulders were invisible.... man, I would buy the living hell out of that. Even if it cost $20.

Scrince asked:

Is there an Annual Pass coming this year? If so what do you think the mount will be?

I honestly don't know if there will be another Annual Pass or not. I mean, the stars are aligning perfectly for it, with the Diablo expansion imminent, and the likelihood being high of this raid being another Dragon Soul-length epic, but you never know. Blizzard got quite some negative press about the last Annual Pass, so maybe that warned them off another one. Or, maybe it's the Hippogryph.

I would love to see it, it rewards the promise of future loyalty to the game, but I'd also love to see something that rewarded past loyalty. I've only played since the start of The Burning Crusade, so I'm not exactly an old-timer, but I would love to see a reward for my years of commitment, and indeed for those of players who've been around way longer than me. I'm running with this, so here's an idea. For every year you've played, you get a coin. Those coins can be turned in for pets, or you can trade three for a mount. Mounts would be ones that already exist in-game but are hard to come by. Some of the crazy-rare ones could be purchaseable with five coins, like Mim's head. What do you think?

Bullet Catcher asked:

Q4TQ how would you incorporate a legendary item for PVP players?

Man, that is a good question. I would really love to see something for PvPers, like the legendary gem that was datamined then apparently abandoned. It'd need to be something that worked for every spec, rather like the cloak in fact, or indeed meta gems with variable stats, rather than a weapon or similar which could be too unbalanced.

As far as getting it goes, I would take the opportunity to push players into every kind of PvP. So, you'd have to do some world PvP, some random battlegrounds, some arenas, and some rated battlegrounds. I wouldn't want to incorporate RNG drops, because basing a legendary on luck is just plain annoying. I would also want to be able to do it as a healer, without having to respec, so it'd be based on Honorable Kills, not on Killing Blows. So, for example, 500 players in world PvP. Ten of every race and class. Ten of every race and class in random battlegrounds. You can see where this is going!

It'd have to be hard, it'd have to be a grind, it wouldn't feel legendary otherwise. I would like to see some random PvE elements too, bosses perhaps, so that there were some hurdles to get over that required PvE, as the opposite is true for the PvE legendaries. I'd love it. Not sure if everyone else would!

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