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Around Azeroth: Those who wander


"After having it in his diary for a year, my druid finally made it to the Wanderer's Festival," writes submitter Ozzard of Forever Angels on Bloodhoof (EU-A). "He trapped one of the hatchlings, drank with Chen Stormstout, listened to Lorewalker Cho, danced with the celebrants, then ... just sat looking out over the sea, watching the festival pilgrims launch their lanterns onto the water and wave them off. He thought of the places he'd been over the years, and idly wondered whether a wandering lantern would ever wash up on the shores of Gilneas -- a lost visitor from a foreign shore, just like Ozzard in Pandaria. Before he could follow that line of thought any further, he ran back to Chen's keg and got very, very drunk."

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