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Infinite Crisis amplifier set preview lands with October update


October's Infinite Crisis update brings a small preview of big changes. Turbine is adding an "early version" of the game's augmentation system, an addition that should help players to learn the basics of character enhancement before the full system goes live. Augmentation is accomplished via amplifier sets, which are collections of items designed to enhance champions in a variety of ways depending on role and play style.

Each amplifier set is composed of four augments and three mods. Augments enhance stats, while mods enhance artifacts. Every amplifier item will be associated with a brand; each brand benefits specific champion roles. While the complete amplifier system will allow players to build their own sets from scratch, the sets introduced this month are package deals. Turbine has plans to release hundreds of augments and mods as Infinite Crisis grows.

Check out the video after the jump for a quick look at amplifiers, or hit up the official post for a detailed breakdown.

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