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Teleglitch patched for controller support, new DLC adds 'music to kill by'

Jordan Mallory

On this, the day if its first DLC pack release, Teleglitch: Die More Edition has also been updated with full controller support and a deep, limited-engagement discount on Steam.

The Guns and Tunes pack, available now for $1.99, adds "music to kill by and the weapons to make it happen:" Eight new starter weapons/utilities, five new songs that "enhance your Teleglitch experience," and a new option to randomize weapons at the beginning of the game. Folks who pre-ordered Teleglitch before its release last July already own this DLC, the listing states. The game is now also fully compatible with Steam's Big Picture mode, thanks to its newly added controller support.

When our own Dave Hinkle reviewed Teleglitch at launch, he described it as "a harsh mistress," saying that the game's true reward lies in "the empowerment you feel from besting the seemingly impossible odds." Snag Teleglitch: Die More Edition for just $3.25 until October 14.

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