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The son also rises in Guild Wars 2's Blood and Madness content update

Anatoli Ingram

Remember when the citizens of Tyria thought Mad King Thorn was just a goofy old legend, and he rose up from the Underworld through a portal beneath the Lion's Arch fountain to prove us wrong? Good times! On October 15th, the Thorn family will be returning to wreak havoc in Guild Wars 2's Halloween content update, bringing their uniquely psychopathic touch to our holiday festivities. King Thorn's son, Bloody Prince Edrick Thorn, has taken over part of his father's realm -- and he's following in his footsteps by being scary and evil. We thought kids were supposed to rebel. Couldn't he have grown up to be a veterinarian or something?

Players will see several popular activities returning as well, such as Lunatic Inquisition, haunted door trick-or-treating, the legendary Mad King's Clock Tower jumping puzzle, and the proud tradition of doing whatever an undead tyrant tells you to so he'll give you a hat. In addition to the new and improved Halloween content and spooky rewards, this release will contain a number of highly anticipated profession balance changes and quality of life improvements. ArenaNet will be offering a preview livestream on Monday, the 14th at 3 p.m. EDT (noon PT).

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