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EVE Online starts up new player training sessions

Eliot Lefebvre

Starting new in EVE Online is like learning to swim in the deep end of the pool when there are alligators in the water. It's not that you can't do it, just that it requires equal measures of dedication and luck. And in such a player-driven game, there's only so much that tutorials can teach you. What you really need are lessons from veteran players who can teach you exactly what to do... which, not coincidentally, are being offered starting October 15th.

Why help train others to be better players? Simply put, according to the official post, it's because educated players are more likely to keep playing the game and actually expand the universe. You might get an easy kill by sniping someone who doesn't know how to fit a ship, but that player isn't going to stick around to provide you anything of use. So if you'd like to learn or help some new players up, take a look at the schedule and consider taking the time to make EVE Online more welcoming for new players... and then blow them up.

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