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Fujitsu made a Windows 8 tablet with a fan that works underwater


Hidden within Fujitsu's autumn lineup for Japan was another waterproof tablet, but this one had something a little different -- an extractor fan that survives underwater. The 12.5-inch QH77/M will need it, because it runs on Intel's 1.6GHz Core i5-4200U processor, which (nearly always) requires a degree of cooling. The fan will halt when the tablet is submerged, apparently, although our allies at Engadget Japanese, asking the questions that count, posited whether the fan offered enough thrust to move the tablet "like a submarine," if left to whir away. Fujitsu's spokesman said that they tested that themselves -- like any discerning company should. Unfortunately, the tablet is "too heavy" to move along the depths of the ocean your bathtub.

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