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Pinterest's promoted pins are just a preview, not paid-for promos... yet


Pinterest, like all social networking startups, needs to make money at some point. And if you've been following the company's progress lately, you should be aware that promoted pins -- a cuter way of saying "advertisements" -- were planned for the collage-making site as an experiment. Well, as of today, those pins are set to start cropping up in users' search and category results looking much like what you see above. But the company's sensitive to how its user base will respond and so it's seeking to be as transparent as possible about these promoted pins, labeling them as such and even providing a "more info" window to explain the move. Also, since Pinterest is still feeling this out, the actual promoted pins aren't even paid-for advertisements; they will be, but not right now. This is only a test, so you can go ahead and sublimate that rage with some ferociously exuberant pinning -- there'll be a time and place for it yet.

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