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Pressy stretch funding goal promises one-button screen capture-and-edit


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With four days left in its campaign, Pressy -- the one-button Android controller that plugs into your headphone jack -- is still going strong on Kickstarter. If the gizmo hits $650,000 in funding by Monday (it's currently at $622,262), developer Nimrod Back will include a simplified take on capturing screenshots. How does it work? If you keep the Pressy button held down, it'll grab an image of whatever is on your display and then you can annotate it, or, like the animation on the source shows, add a fancy moustache to our president's face. From there, you select how you want to share the image, and release the Pressy to send it. Hopefully this approach can keep at least a few handsets safe from accidental drops. To help make it happen, hit the source link if you aren't already one of the current 25,841 backers.

DNP Pressy may get onehanded screenshot capturing through stretch goal

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