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Yahoo Mail for iOS gets a redesign, disposable email addresses, 1 TB storage, more


Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of Yahoo Mail and to celebrate, the company has completely redesigned its Yahoo Mail app for iOS. Not only does the app have a new look that fits nicely with iOS 7, it also adds some serious new features. First up are Conversations, which allows users to view related messages in a single grouped view (much the way "threads" work in iOS 7's Conversations can be turned on or off in settings for those that don't like to see messages grouped together.

Another new feature is Themes, which allows users to personalize the look of their Mail app with a variety of background images. The app also now gives all users enhanced mail forwarding and filtering features. But perhaps the most exciting thing of all is now Yahoo is giving its mail users a whopping 1 TB of storage space. That makes Apple's 5 GB of free iCloud space look downright cheap.

Yahoo Mail is a free download.

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