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Breakfast Topic: Gotta catch 'em all

Let me just admit it: I have a collecting problem. That's not to say I'm very good at collecting -- right now I'm working towards Mount Parade very, very slowly -- but once I start collecting something I have an urge to collect everything. (Or, in internet vernacular, "ALL THE THINGS.") For a while, this made hunters the perfect class for me, because being able to pick out pets pleased my inner collector but the fact that there were only a limited number of stable slots meant I wouldn't wind up collecting every creature in the game. But now with tons of stable slots, when I play a hunter I'm inclined to spend most of my time hunting the perfect pet.

And while I used to (mostly) ignore non-combat pets because it seemed dangerous to get started collecting them, with pet battles they're a lot harder to ignore -- and with 1000 pet slots to fill, I really do want to catch them all. But if I start trying, will I ever find time to do anything else in game? It's a conundrum that I still haven't solved.

So tell me, readers -- do you have a collecting problem? How do you manage the urge to catch 'em all?

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