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Players successfully petition to change ArcheAge's business model

Jef Reahard

Who says player petitions don't matter? Not Russian fans of ArcheAge, who are fresh off a successful attempt to sway publisher's plans for the sandpark title's regional business model.

MMO Culture reported on the brouhaha last week, and most of the outrage was directed at the fact that's initial model gave major in-game advantages to players with fat wallets. "A rich Russian player [could] get his whole guild to level 50 within a day," the site said.

After a mass player outcry, the publisher is now offering players a choice of how to move forward. Option one involves refining the current model, option two would use the same free-to-model found in the Korean version of ArcheAge, and option three would use both models simultaneously.

Trion is slated to publish ArcheAge in the West, but thus far no business model information has been forthcoming.

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