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The Queue: The most adorable frog in the world

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) can't get over this frog.

The desert rain frog, pictured in the video above, is found in Namibia and South Africa. It is tiny, round, nocturnal, and possesses the fiercest croaking you have ever heard. It's also the closest thing you'll ever see to a living rubber squeaky toy.

tomfromhr asked:

Q4tQ: I'm starting to see people in LFRs who the tooltip lists as "Coalesced Realm." However, as far as I can tell, these people aren't part of my CRZ group, and it seems to be random. One person from Illidan will be listed like that and another won't. Just a random tooltip error (or an issue with the MyRolePlay addon which seems to manage my tooltips) or a sign of things to come?

That's actually just a tag for someone who is in your realm via Cross-Realm Zones. You'll see it pop up in low-level areas, or when someone is invited to your server via RealID or BattleTag. Nothing to worry about!

the_DECk asked:

QftQ: Do you think that we could hear about a patch 5.5 at Blizzcon too, or sooner? There's been positive talk that there's a strong possibility of a 5.5 patch, one that could possibly both wrap some things up with Mists & open the door to the next expansion. Which I think would be great.

If there is going to be a 5.5 patch, I suspect we'll hear about either during or sometime shortly after BlizzCon. I imagine everyone is very busy getting ready for BlizzCon at the moment, since it's a pretty time-intensive event that takes a heck of a lot of planning to pull off!

brotime asked:

Qftq- does anyone have a good reason that Garrosh is being sent to stand trial?

From a purely non-lore standpoint, they didn't want to kill him off. Presumably he's got much more potential as a catalyst for future story content, whether it's a story of redemption or a descent into cuckoo-land. From a lore standpoint, the answer is a little more complex and deserves a complete examination -- and it's a really good question. I'll go ahead and take a look at that in this week's Know Your Lore column, you can look for it on Sunday.

KunamiMata asked:

-Q4TQ- This will be my first year attending BlizzCon, so I've never paid too close attention to the timetable for this sort of thing before. When does Blizzard tend to reveal who they have for the closing ceremonies? You know, the bands or performers? I've been waiting for find out who it might be this year and still nothing.

They usually reveal it before BlizzCon itself. Expect an announcement sometime between now and November, more than likely!

NaomiG.S.Banta asked:

Question for the Queue: When i was doing the second wing of Siege on LFR I noticed all the Theramore civilians. How is this possible? I know that the civilians were evacuated to Gadget along with the children. Those that didn't were mostly blown up. (At least according to the Jaina Proudmoore book) So what's up with that?

Some of the civilians were evacuated. Some stubbornly refused to leave, because they wanted to defend their home -- and who can blame them? They escaped certain death by plague in the Eastern Kingdoms, survived an ocean trek from one continent to another, and participated in the climactic battle at Hyjal. They had seen a lot, experienced a lot, and they certainly weren't about to let the Horde push them out of the home they'd made for themselves. While Jaina may have assumed that the civilians that remained behind were all killed, you have to remember that the Horde did fight hand-to-hand prior to the mana bomb detonation.

It's entirely possible that some civilians were captured by the Horde during that battle, and taken away before the mana bomb was detonated. Given that Theramore itself was blown to smithereens along with anyone left in it, it's doubtful that a full or accurate body count of survivors could have been tallied. Nobody would have noticed the missing survivors -- and who knows where Hellscream had them stowed away, because it certainly wasn't anywhere that was visible prior to Siege.

@FeyMercurial asked via Twitter:

What are the chances of Calia Menethil making an appearance in the next expansion. Confirmed alive in visual guide.

I wouldn't call her "confirmed alive," necessarily. I would say that she is not confirmed to be dead, which is a little different. There's two ways the information can be interpreted -- first, she's alive and off somewhere safe and sound, to pop up at some point in the future. The second interpretation is just that CDev hasn't quite decided what to do with her yet, and wants to leave the potential of using her for something in the future open. This could be something like a story in which she returns alive and triumphant, or something that could be an emotional discovery of her remains and the confirmation that she is dead.

Either way, the mystery of where Calia has gone and what has happened to her deserves to be told in game or in a proper novel, rather than reduced to a footnote in an overview of basic lore, don't you think? Personally, I'd rather see her alive and kicking butt.

@ChiefVoljin asked via Twitter:

Oh, 'ere's a question... Why can't a Horde gunship ever last very long? Dey always get destroyed.

Oh come on now, Vol'jin. You've been around goblin engineers this long, you should realize by now that they don't exactly specialize in making ... stable creations.

@Hinrup asked via Twitter:

What classic raid would you like revamped or tuned for current level? Karazhan, Ulduar, Ahn'Qiraj or others?

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I wouldn't mind seeing Ahn'Qiraj get a facelift. I didn't really get to raid much of it in vanilla when it was current content, and the story of C'thun and the Old Gods is one that I've always found interesting. I really don't want to see them touch Karazhan, unless they're going to restore it to its former glory so Khadgar can move in.

Draelan asked:

So, I just checked my email an hour ago, and saw a new message that appears to be from Blizzard Entertainment. The title reads "[My Name] -- Welcome to the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beta Test". Now, fake emails from "Blizzard" are so common, I am ALWAYS wary of any I get. So, without opening the email, I figured I'd manually log in to to see if I had the option to download Hearthstone. I looked under "Manage My Games", since that's where I went to download the MoP beta, but I don't see Hearthstone listed at all. (Not even a tab for it.) My question is, am I correct in thinking this email is a phishing attempt, or am I simply looking in the wrong place for the beta download?

There's a really easy way to tell if it's legitimate or not. About halfway down the email, you'll see a picture of a goblin along with a very lengthy purple number. This is your beta key. You'll want to go to the website and log into your account, but then go to Games & Codes, and Add a Game Key. Enter in that purple number. If it's legitimate, you'll have the Hearthstone beta available on your account. If it's not, then it was a fake. Either which way, be certain not to click any links in the email, just in case -- just log in on the website and enter the number.

For a better illustration of what said email looks like, here's a picture of the goblin and the purple numbers.

The Queue The most adorable frog in the world

You'll notice most of those numbers are blacked out. That's because the key pictured above is a legitimate, unused beta key. We'll be giving it away on the WoW Insider Show during our live broadcast on Monday night. Tune in if you want a chance at it!

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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