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Apple Campus 2 model unveiled by CFO Peter Oppenheimer


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The San Jose Mercury News today posted exclusive photos of a detailed model of Apple's new corporate headquarters campus. The model was unveiled by Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer and Director of Real Estate and Facilities Dan Whisenhunt, and provides an amazing look at what the campus will look like when completed in 2015.

The model shows how the company plans to take a former Hewlett-Packard campus that is about 80 percent asphalt parking, and turn it into one that is about 80 percent open space and parkland. The 175-acre site features the iconic ring-shaped headquarters building, an above-ground parking structure covered by photovoltaic solar panels, a round on-site theater for presentations, a fitness center for employees and more parking underground.

Not surprisingly for a company that prides itself on green initiatives, the main headquarters building is designed to be naturally ventilated, with radiant cooling that will eliminate the need for air conditioning about 70 percent of the year. Whisenhunt told the Mercury News that the building will not only use 30 percent less energy than typical Silicon Valley office buildings, but it will also use 100 percent renewable energy -- much of which is produced at the campus.

While the images cannot be shown here, we recommend that readers visit the Mercury News site to view the slideshow. The campus is up for final approval on October 15 at a Cupertino city council meeting.

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