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Breakfast Topic: Have you gotten started with Hearthstone?

The latest activity on the PlayHearthstone Twitter account has all been about beta invites going out in North America and Europe. Anecdotally, I can tell you that this has led to more of my friends' list being active in Hearthstone, but I want to know about you, readers: have you gotten into the Hearthstone beta? Or do you even care about getting into the Hearthstone beta? While I've clearly been sucked in by the lure of yet another daily quest, I know not everyone feels the same. (And, really, you may be the smart ones.)

So tell me, readers -- what are you doing in the Hearthstone beta, if anything? (And if you're still waiting for an invite, take heart: with the rate at which Blizzard is sending out beta invites, anyone who's opted in to the beta has a good chance of a beta invite hitting their mailbox.)

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