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Community Blog Topic: Should professions be account-wide?


Recently Anne Stickney forwarded me this tweet and suggested it for a Community Blog Topic:

In Diablo 3, when you level up a crafting NPC, the level remains the same, regardless of what character you're on. But I wouldn't want to see each World of Warcraft character be able to level up all of the professions (or would I?). However, I would like to see a craft bench or something similar where you could access the professions you have on other alts.

I am not sure how it would work story-wise. How could my alchemist suddenly be able to make an advanced glyph just by accessing a community workbench? This would have to be one of those ways that gameplay trumps lore. Also, this wouldn't get rid of the problem (as Ghostcrawler sees it) of using alts to get around the profession limit.

Perhaps the solution is to allow all characters to be able to learn all professions, which is something they are thinking about. Then making them account-wide would make even more sense -- though still not from a story standpoint.

Do you think professions should be account-wide? Do you think they should lift the two primary profession limit on characters? Or are you happy just the way things are?

Blog your answer and leave a link to it in the comments. Or, if you do not have a WoW-related blog, enter your response in the comments below. We'll spotlight some of the posts next week.

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