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Galaxy S4 Mini leaked in bubble gum colors for AT&T and Sprint (update: Verizon too)

Sharif Sakr

We're not sure what happened to the alleged GS4 Mini for Verizon, which popped up a couple of months ago and still hasn't materialized. Nevertheless, here we go with some freshly leaked images courtesy of @evleaks, this time purporting to show Samsung's shrunken GS4 in various degrees of color saturation for AT&T and Sprint. We have no idea as to when the device will arrive on these networks, or how much it'll cost relative to an imported unit (the GS4 Mini is still $410 at Negri, versus $250 for the GS3 Mini). In fact, we're still not convinced that these low-spec models were worth their salt to begin with -- although, to be fair, they seem to be pretty popular in Europe right now.

Update: We can add Verizon to the mix, as @evleaks has also outed a model for that carrier carrying its logo not only on the back, but also on the home button.

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