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Microsoft unveils three Xbox 360 holiday bundles for Xbox One refuseniks


Microsoft is no stranger to launching Xbox 360 holiday bundles, but it faces a new challenge this year -- it has to include games that won't make us wish we had an Xbox One instead. It may have achieved that feat with a new trio of bundles launching worldwide. Its base 250GB kit ($300) includes both Halo 4 and Tomb Raider, two better games from recent memory. A 4GB Kinect pack (also $300) isn't very memorable with its inclusions of Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports 2, but a 250GB Kinect offering ($400) supplements these with Forza Horizon. As it did last year, Microsoft is also slashing $50 off the US price of these holiday systems between launch (around October 13th) and the end of the holiday season. We're sure that many would still prefer the latest and greatest Xbox as a gift, but a new 360 bundle could be a nice consolation prize.

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