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Strategic iOS game Dead Man's Draw getting physical card game version


Stardock Entertainment launched a Kickstarter project for its strategy card game Dead Man's Draw today. While the iOS game is already available for $2.59, the developer took to the crowdfunding platform in order to raise $16,500 by November 9 to produce a physical tabletop card game set, which it said is just enough to break even on the project.

Dead Man's Draw is based on a mod for Civilization 4 called Fall from Heaven, which was created in 2007 by the head of Stardock Entertainment, Derek Paxton. Paxton added a strategic mini-game to the mod by the name of Somnium, which tasked players with the simple decision of drawing cards from a deck at the risk of losing their entire hand.

Dead Man's Draw takes the Somnium mini-game further by adding special abilities and more depth to the risk-versus-reward card game concept. The game includes a number of pirate-themed cards like anchors, mermaids, chests and maps, each with a unique instruction. The project's $5 reward tier grants donors access to a high-resolution printable PDF file of the game's cards, whereas the Stardock-produced card set starts at the $20 tier and is estimated to ship in March 2014.

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