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Lords of Discord seeking disciples, demons for battle

HeroCraft is harvesting funds for real-time strategy game Lords of Discord, which is planned for release on iOS in June should it reach its funding goal. Android, Mac and Linux releases will follow in 2-month increments. A downloadable copy of the game can be secured by backing the project with £6 (about $9.50).

Lords of Discord's turn-based, stationary battles will play out between the human and demon races, with around 30 units among each race to call to war. Units will earn experience in battle, advancing along their assigned skill trees and evolving into sub-class characters with new mechanics and aesthetics. Squads of common units will be led by Heroes, which will play the leading role in battles as one of three classes: the close-combat-favoring Warlord, the agile archer, Ranger, or the elementally-inclined Wizard.

Squads will fight to keep opposing forces away from their Citadel, a home base of sorts that will allow players to construct buildings, learn new spells and bring on additional units. Special units will also allow players to conduct Terramorphing, an act of transforming the map's terrain to better suit whichever race is conducting the Terramorph. The more land a race has Terramorphed to suit their needs, the more their conquest will be funded by mana and gold harvested from the map.

Lords of Discord will offer two race-specific campaigns comprised of a dozen missions each, though the game's Kickstarter page notes that the Demons' campaign will launch "a few months" after the game in a free update. The initial release will also include 10 maps to host battles between AI or human opponents. The game will also feature a turn-based "play-by-mail" option for multiplayer, which will allow players to log in, do their turn and then get back to work. Not that anyone would play games at work.

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