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Ouya external USB storage beta incoming, sign up now


Ouya is preparing to unlock USB storage capabilities through a limited closed beta run, which will be rolled out in phases starting next week. Those who wish to participate in the closed beta may sign up through this page right now.

Outside of USB storage, this update – which Ouya is calling "Ogopogo" – also adds videos to game pages, so developers can upload footage to better sell their experiences to prospective buyers. Then there are the requisite bug fixes that come with any update, including a fix for the HDMI wakeup issue that has been bothering some Ouya owners out there.

Earlier this week, Ouya trumpeted a new milestone: 25,000 registered developers creating or have created Ouya games. Close to 500 games and apps exist on Ouya, which launched in July for $100. We spent a lot of time with the console, so if you'd like to know more our review is a great place to start.

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