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Stiq Figures, September 30 - October 6: Shapes and colors edition

I love puzzle games. If it involves stacking shapes or colors in a competitive fashion or just plain 'ol geometric obstacles, I'm guaranteed to play the associated cartridge (or in Pushmo's case, data) until my brain compiles thoughts solely out of chain combos.

My love for them overpowers the frustration of defeat by cheating AI opponents that magically pull off 8-chain combos whenever I even catch a glimpse of winning. It's about the only genre that I can consistently plateau within in terms of skill without being annoyed by it. Whereas Mortal Kombat Ultimate 3's consistent decision that fun time is over around match three infuriates me, losing to some BS move in games like Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix just means I get to stack up some neat combos again.

Do you have any love for puzzlers? Better yet, are there any lesser known games you swear by? Share them in the comments so I can snatch them up on Amazon! After you check the Japanese hardware sales after the break, of course.

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