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Thief homage The Dark Mod steals spotlight for itself, goes standalone

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The Dark Mod, a Thief: The Dark Project-inspired mod for Doom 3, has been made standalone, meaning you no longer require id Software's sci-fi horror romp to play. The mod was originally created by Broken Glass Studios as a way to re-experience the gameplay of Looking Glass Studios' 1998 stealth classic with updated graphics.

Don't expect to play through the original Thief exactly as you remember it, though. Due to copyright issues, The Dark Mod cannot use characters, names, locations or any other copyrighted material from the Thief series. Instead, the mod offers community-created, piecemeal missions which take place in an original setting that shares the medieval and steampunk vibe of the original games. It's more of a Thief ho-mod-ge. Buh-dum-tish!

Anyone with a taste for first-person stealth games can now download the game, free of charge, from the Dark Mod website. If you're hungry for an official expansion to the Thief universe, the Eidos Montreal-developed Thief is planning a heist for February of next year.

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