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Final Fantasy XIV gets ready for a haunted All Saints' Wake (and PvP)

Eliot Lefebvre

You might think there's not much room left for additional horror in Final Fantasy XIV. The entire game world did get nearly destroyed, after all. But everyone loves a good Halloween event, and it's time to celebrate with a new round of All Saints' Wake festivities. This year, the prize appears to be a set of wonderfully ghostly clothing for all participants, the reward of a quest started by conversing with a set of Shifty Thespians (who are probably completely above-the-board with that name).

The holiday event will run from October 18th until November 1st, allowing for ample time to unleash your inner haunt. If you're not really fond of holiday events, though, you can tide yourself over before the game's first implementation of PvP with a new Wolves' Den trailer from the recent New York Comic Con. It's just past the break and shows off the arena itself as well as some of the battles raging between players

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