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Flipcase makes a game out of Apple's new iPhone cases


Some people love Apple's playful new iPhone case, while others experience trypophobia at the sight of it. Meanwhile, a pair of developers decided to look at it from a whole new angle: backwards.

The devs at Bytesize noticed that if you put the new iPhone case on the wrong way -- that is, covering the screen with the small holes -- it resembles the old game Connect Four. So they decided to quickly code Flipcase, a free app which allows you to turn your iPhone and its case into a digital version of the classic tabletop game.

Flipcase is simple. Just tap one of the empty holes to fill it with a color. Your friend taps another hole to fill it with a different color. Whoever connects four of the same colors first (all the colors match the colors of the new iPhone 5c's by the way) wins the game. It's a clever idea that's sure to be fun for a few minutes. Just be careful about putting that case on the wrong way time after time.

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