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Natural Selection 2 dev approves fan-driven championship


Developer Unknown Worlds has heard the pleas of its fans and has decided to greenlight a worldwide championship tournament for its flagship shooter, Natural Selection 2.

Tournaments are generally created by developers to promote a game, but in this case the idea for the event came from the Natural Selection 2 fan community. The only hitch is that Unknown Worlds is a relatively small firm which readily admitted that it couldn't afford the $30,000 necessary to host such a tournament. Undeterred, the fans pushed harder: "We will organize it, Unknown Worlds. We will fund it. All we ask is that you help us," wrote members of the community.

Finally convinced, Unknown Worlds has agreed to the tournament, assuming the community is able to raise the necessary $30,000 funds. If that occurs, the tournament will host 24 of the best Natural Selection 2 players from around the world in a round robin tournament to determine who is the best of the best. If you'd like to donate to the tournament fundraiser, you can find full information on the game's new GoFundMe page.

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