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Star Citizen trailer pushes spaceships like a car dealer


The latest trailer for Chris Robert's Star Citizen takes the form of a modern automobile ad transported to the far future.

Instead of the latest Ford or Chevy model, a perky, inoffensive narrator introduces viewers to the Aurora, made by Roberts Space Industries – the 2944 model comes with all kinds of neat options. The on-screen Aurora model begins to cycle through its various configurations in a sequence that dutifully apes modern advertising efforts, but also subtly demonstrates the level of customizability found in the ships of Star Citizen.

The upbeat, modern-yet-indistinct soundtrack that accompanies our narrator as he test drives the ship is a nice satirical touch, but the drive itself is clearly an excuse to show off the game's extraplanetary vistas - nebulas and galaxies trump the Autobahn any day.

If this ad posing as an ad has sold you on the Aurora, the good news is that you can buy one right now. The bad news, however, is that your $45 pledge won't result in a spaceship until Star Citizen has launched. There's no official word on when that might happen, though the developer expects its debut during 2014.

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