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Valve shows off how its Steam Controller is going to work


Selling Steam gamers -- who are used to playing their games with a keyboard and mouse -- on a handheld controller is no easy task. Valve knows this, and since the original announcement of the company's new Steam Controller, there have been plenty of questions as to how precise it actually is. To help calm some of the ruckus, Valve has produced a video showing the controller being used with many popular games.

The video does a respectable job of selling the concept of using the controller with previously released titles, and the narrator is quick to note that the games shown have not been modified to work specifically with the new accessory. The Steam Controller appears to work just fine for strategy and simulation titles, but the footage shown of first-person gameplay in Portal 2 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive isn't as quick and fluid as some keyboard purists would probably like. Still, for an accessory still in development, it's a pretty nifty showcase.

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