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ESO interview dives deep into combat, rare weapons, and arenas


The folks over at ShoddyCast recently sat down with Nick Konkle, lead gameplay designer for The Elder Scrolls Online, and spent about an hour peppering him with questions about features, mechanics, and other cool stuff. Among the topics discussed? Why combat in ESO feels "floatier" than it does in other Elder Scrolls games, whether the game will see an arena or dueling system, and whether devout players can expect to see exceptionally rare and unique items. Also: horse armor.

Konkle noted that the team at ZeniMax Online has been working on making combat feel more forceful and that the criticisms of the system were mostly aimed at earlier builds of the game. He was cagey on the subject of arenas, explaining that while an arena system may come via DLC or post-launch content, players shouldn't expect to see it on day one. As for rare items, Konkle explained endgame adventuring will present opportunities to claim very unique and rare items.

The full video is worth the watch if you're excited or curious about ESO. Check it out after the break.

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