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Faceless developer breaks off to run horror-only studio, Fiddlehead


Justin Ross ran into a few problems while developing Faceless, a Half-Life 2 mod that embraced the Slender Man mythos, but in the end that's not why he left development in the hands of teammate Adam Sklar. He wanted to tackle a fresh IP with a monster from his own mind – a bat-like demonoid that stars in his first original project as Fiddlehead Games, Alas Mortis.

Alas Mortis is a multiplayer horror game, featuring one team of nine citizens, and another team of just one person who plays as the demon. The everyday people have no weapons and must hide from the demon, who has a variety of abilities and dangerous items.

"Think of it as a horrific, gruesome, terrifying game of hide and seek," Ross' description reads. Alas Mortis will be free and should launch on Steam Early Access once the gameplay is ready for public consumption.

"I'm drawn to the horror genre because I like being scared mainly, and I love the adrenaline that rushes through you while playing something like Amnesia or Outlast," Ross tells Joystiq. "I want to replicate that feeling in Alas Mortis, and it's why Fiddlehead is solely horror. Horror games are my favorite genre and something I enjoy more than any other game. I enjoy writing scary narratives and making people feel uncomfortable, and filling them with a sense of dread."

You can keep an eye on the development of Alas Mortis on IndieDB – if only to make sure it doesn't surprise you (with a chainsaw) later.

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