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Humble Bundle with Android 7: Incredipede, Anodyne, Ticket to Ride


Humble Bundle with Android 7 includes six games (for now) and their soundtracks, available on PC, Mac, Linux and Android: Incredipede, Anodyne, Greed Corp, Ticket to Ride plus USA 1910 DLC, Worms Reloaded and The Bard's Tale.

The first four titles are available for whatever price you want, while Worms Reloaded and The Bard's Tale are unlocked by paying more than the average. This strategy also unlocks any games that are added before the bundle's time is up in two weeks – and yes, there will be more games. Grab Steam keys for each title by paying $1 or more.

Customers can allocate whatever amount they decide to pay among the developers, Humble itself or charity. It's going well so far – Incredipede developer Colin Northway notes that in the Humble Bundle's first 15 minutes, sales surpassed Incredipede's launch day numbers, and in 20 minutes it sold more than the game's first day on Steam.

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