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Xbox One's modular racing accessories exposed


Accessories have been upgraded on the Xbox One to be more modular, Microsoft's Director of Strategic Alliance Brandan Powell explains in the video segment above. This modularity allows players to add components to their initial investment over time: You can buy a racing wheel for Need for Speed Rivals or Forza Motorsport 5, Powell says, then add gauges or custom pedal types for a more personalized set-up.

Powell also says hardware now has more nuanced force feedback options. Developers, using new feedback equations within the game code, can create a more dynamic range of feedback as opposed to the sort of "canned" responses that felt so uniform in previous hardware iterations.

Controller pairing, which uses Kinect to determine who a player is, is another feature hardware accessories should be able to utilize. When playing with friends on the same couch, each of whom may prefer different control schemes, Kinect will seamlessly match the appropriate profile and controls to that player, mitigating the need to dive into the settings menu. We imagine this will be a big help when sharing a racing wheel with 80 buttons on it between a couch crowded with friends.

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