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Agile Tortoise releases Terminology 3 for the iPhone and iPad


Agile Tortoise is back again with a fresh, new version of its Terminology dictionary and thesaurus app for iOS. The latest changes bring the app to version 3 and is a complete rewrite of the app for iOS 7.

The core functionality of Terminology remains the same, but the app has a few new features that expand it beyond its dictionary roots. The first thing you will notice is a revamped UI that adopts the look of iOS 7. Most of your favorite menu icons are still there; they just look a little different now.

Terminology 3 now supports custom actions that allow you to extend your word searches across the web using sites like Wordnik and Wiktionary. You can even search Amazon, IMDb, Stack Exchange and others. These actions also integrate with third-party apps like Drafts, Evernote and Day One.

Because version 3.0 is a complete rewrite, it is being sold as a new app and costs US$2.99. It is now a universal app, so your three dollar investment will get you a version that runs on both the iPad and the iPhone. Terminology 3 also supports iCloud sync so your favorite terms and histories will sync across devices. You can read the full release notes on Agile Tortoise's website.

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