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Breakfast Topic: What instance tops your blacklist?


Some places in Azeroth are simply, utterly, and absolutely off the list of places we're willing to venture. There are the five-man dungeons we're sick to death of. There are the raid instances that have left us with hopelessly bad memories. There are encounters with mechanics that we never really understood and bosses who refuse to drop anything even remotely of interest or use. And we could probably all list at least a few places in each of those categories.

Still, when a game's become as big as World of Warcraft, there are so many other places to go that eventually, those blacklisted places don't seem so bad after all.

Except when -- even after all this time -- they still do.

What five-man or raid instance has earned the top spot on your blacklist? What is it about the place that makes you dig in your heels and refuse to return?

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