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Contest: Name the next Indie Royale bundle, win some sweet indie games


If you follow Indie Royale, you may have noticed an unusual trend among its assorted compilations of indie-developed PC games. Contrasting rival bundle curators, Indie Royale does not number its releases; instead, its collections launch with bizarre titles.

Some names are picked for obvious reasons -- The Back To School 2 Bundle premiered as the fall semester began in September, and the Indie Gamer Chick Bundle featured a series of games picked by a popular online reviewer. Others are real head-scratchers: The Starry Nights Bundle, The Spiral Groove Bundle, The Prairie Dog Bundle, and last month's Alaskan Bundle are a few that come to mind.

Indie Royale organizer Graeme Boxall shed some light on the organization's name selection process, and is running a contest with Joystiq to name the next themed bundle. Read on for more details.

What logic dictates Indie Royale's unusual bundle names? "Believe it or not they are just created at random mostly," Boxall explains. For instance: "Alaska was just picked out of thin air."

Boxall continues: "Evolved with the tortoise was my idea when we took over from UBM, Valentine was for Valentine's Day, Thoughtful was linked to Boston, [and] Lunar was to do with an eclipse that was taking place around the time of the bundle. I came up with Mayhem as the bundle was in May and had frenetic action. Spiral Groove is linked to guns and shooting. Mash, Prairie Dog and Starry Nights are random names but triggered by something in our subconscious."

Can you come up with an attention-grabbing bundle name to rival past Indie Royale offerings? Tweet your best title to both @joystiq and @indieroyale using the hashtag #indieroyale. We'll pass along our favorites to the Indie Royale team, who will choose one winner. The winning entry will receive a free copy of Indie Royale's ongoing Birthday Bundle -- so named because today is Graeme Boxall's birthday.

Feel free to plumb the wildest corners of your imagination when crafting your entry, but please keep your title PG-rated. You have 24 hours to enter, and the contest Get to it! One entry per person, please.

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