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Latest Star Trek Online dev blog talks dinosaurs, Voth technology

Jef Reahard

Like Star Trek? Like the Voth species that made its way into Trek lore during Voyager's third season? Then you'll love Cryptic's latest Star Trek Online dev diary penned by systems designer Jeff "AdjudicatorHawk" Hamilton.

He's got a lot to say with regard to STO's Voth ground combat experience including tidbits about Voth mechanical exosuits, bio-engineered dankanasaurs, and rank-and-file soldiers, medics, and so on.

"When looking at the Voth as a species, our starting point was only one episode," Hamilton explains, "so we had to look at what stood out about them and extrapolate from there. Their actions demonstrated that they were highly defensive, both culturally and militarily."

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