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Random Acts of Uberness: Wherein a reader unmasks an anonymous nominee

Idle curiosity turned into a Random Act of Uberness of its own last week when reader latusthegoat went sleuthing after the identity of one of our Random Acts of Uberness nominees. Here's the instant replay:

Caught being uber: Night elf warrior from Stormrage whose name starts with a D To the fellow warrior from Stormrage (I forget how to spell your name, but it started with a D): A couple of my guildies and I queued up for the first branch of SoO last Friday evening. I ended up realizing after we got the Enter Raid button that I had chosen to tank by accident. I usually don't tank an instance until after I have run through a couple times in fury spec, just to get a feel for the boss and mechanics.

Anyways, I told you to just point me where I need to go, and you coached me throughbeautifully. We coasted through the first two bosses, and you took us all the way to the Sha, where you informed the entire raid that you wouldn't be tanking him again, but here's how you fight him. I have never once had such a fantastic experience in LFR, with everyone chatting about how long they've been playing (I think I was the baby, having only been playing for a few months and most everyone else since vanilla), and you made an impact on my best's opinion of Stormrage (which has never been good). Much applause, kind night elf. I hope to tank with you again if the rolls allow. -- Gamad, Argent Dawn (US-Alliance)

What latusthegoat did after reading Gamad's story added another layer of uberness to the affair.

latusthegoat: I had nothing better to do and since he did a good deed, I thought I'd do one for him.

The Night elf "D" tank from Stormrage-US looks to be one of the following:

Dalamoris, Darthdiggler, Devildragon

After looking through over 3500 Warrior names from that server and checking out all the Night elf ones, they were the only one who had done a SoO LFR the same day as Gamad who submitted the story. If someone feels like following up, or if Lisa wants to email the dude who submitted the story to confirm, we can actually have a name! Wooo!

Slizzard: An act of uberness in itself

Skyreiser: @latusthegoat 3500!!!??!!!


latusthegoat: @Skyreiser @latusthegoat Yeah! Once I got past 750 I figured in for a penny, in for a pound! :D

Also, I don't think my realm, Coilfang, even has that many active characters of any level, nevermind level 90 warriors. :x

AkaiTenshi: @latusthegoat Dalamoris. Thank you so much! I'm new enough that I didn't even know you could do that! :D Big crazy kudos, friend!

And more kudos for both latusthegoat and Dalamoris. You two now have fans!

Random Acts of Uberness Wherein a reader unmasks an anonymous nominee
Caught being uber: Chumlulu, Kirin Tor (US-Alliance) and Meily, Bloodhoof (US-Alliance) Chumlulu and Meily were both level 86 when I joined a normal 5-man of the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Not realizing I was in normal, I asked if anyone wanted to help me with the bonus cooking boss at the end. No one really replied, but after a smooth run through, the entire dungeon these two stayed in group as I summoned the bonus boss.

Random Acts of Uberness Wherein a reader unmasks an anonymous nomineeWe had a few mishaps (boss was pulled before I finished switching specs from healer to DPS, etc.). But even after a wipe or two, these guys stuck around. I told them I don't think he drops anything, so they didn't have to stay. Their response was great though and something along the lines of, "It's a challenge; let's see it through."

So two level 86s helped me destroy a level 90 elite. (Apparently, my problem when trying to solo it previously was I move around too much and slip on the noodles or get hit by those random bowl whirlwinds.) Afterwards, I found out they each had level 90 mains (at least one with max cooking) and told them where to get the starting quest on the Timeless Isle. Wherever you all are, good luck to you on your noodle cart quest -- it's a lot of fun. You helped brighten the day of a resto druid who had become cynical healing all those LFRs. -- Zaticor, Azgalor (US-Alliance)

Random Acts of Uberness Wherein a reader unmasks an anonymous nominee
Caught being uber: Snof, Korgath (US-Alliance) It seems lately that whenever the topic of LFRs are brought up, people always jump to how horrible the groups are and how LFR brings out the worst in players. While with some groups that may be true, I'd like to submit that LFR groups also bring out the best in players, as I witnessed in Gates Of Retribution earlier tonight.

During our first attempt on Iron Juggernaut, our off tank had already died four times halfway through our second Assault phase, using all of the raids' available battle rezzes and leaving me as sole tank for a two-tank fight. I thankfully only took four stacks of Ignite Armor by the time the next Siege Phase rolled around, but with ~170mil HP left to burn by the start of the third Assault phase, things were looking dire. Managing damage mitigation skills and calling for healer CDs can only last so long, and with eight stacks of Ignite Armor on me as well as another ~110mil HP left on Juggernaut to go, I was losing hope.

But suddenly, from out of the DPS crowd comes sprinting in an heroic warrior, shield hastily equipped. Quickly taunting the boss and popping defensive CDs, the warrior survived blow after blow to the face just long enough for Ignite Armor to drop off of me (quite literally too, as Juggernaut turned to face me just as "0s" faded away from below the debuff tooltip), allowing me to safely pick up the boss and securing us a one-shot victory over the Iron monstrosity.

That warrior's name was Snof (of Korgath), and he is an LFR hero (in my book, at least). -- Dewster, Terenas (US-Alliance)

Random Acts of Uberness Wherein a reader unmasks an anonymous nomineeCaught being uber: Pheeger, Bleeding Hollow (US-Alliance) While running a friend who just got to 90 through some heroics, with said friend healing and my girlfriend tanking, we were joined by a rogue. We whispered the rogue that our healer was new so we were explaining things and giving pointers.

He was totally cool with it and gave our healer some encouragement, which helped a lot, since she was very nervous about healing in the first place. We all stuck around for a handful of dungeons and he kept up the friendliness and encouragement. I'd like to thank you, Pheeger the Patient (fitting title!) of Bleeding Hollow (Alliance), for helping out and being patient with a newbie priest and boosting her confidence in the process! -- Choria, Sargeras (US-Alliance)

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It's those times another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor, or unexpected generosity that you're a night spent in Azeroth becomes something to remember. Looking for a place to feel good about humanity again? You've come to the right place: WoW Insider's Random Acts of Uberness.

Send us your kudos and shout-outs for players who made your day! We know you can't always remember everyone's names or realms, and that's OK. Tell us what you do remember: what day of the week it was, what time of day, your own home realm, any details you recall about the other player, where you were and what you were doing in game. If the players involved read WoW Insider, we're betting they'll recognize your story!

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Until next week -- be excellent to each other!

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