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Motorola releases iOS-to-Google migration tool for Moto x


The worst part of getting a new phone is making sure all of your contacts and data come with you. But when you switch from an entirely different environment, say from iOS to Android, the process is even more obnoxious. Motorola is trying to ease that pain for users of its new Moto X phone with an iOS-to-Google migration tool.

WIth the tool, users can order a new Moto X phone that will ship with their contact information already on the phone. Motorola's transfer tool copies your calendar and contact information directly from iCloud and deposits it on your new Moto X. Transferring 500 phone contacts and 500 calendar events takes around five minutes according to Motorola.

Motorola has released an FAQ page explaining the transfer process and how to ensure your contacts make the trip to their new phone safely. You can give it a read right here.

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